Extending HandlebarsJS Adding Logic to Handlebars, the semantic templating tool

In the Category : NodesJS

Handlebars templating language allows you to add 'helpers' that execute JavaScript during the template execution - Allows for advanced processing of the data.

jQuery case insensitive contains The jQuery contains selector is case sensitive, here's an extension that adds insensitive contains method

In the Category : JavaScript

jQuery makes it easy to extend the jQuery $. functionality and add an Insensitive Case Contains method / Function.

JavaScript Test For Responsive Screen/Device Type How to check the Responsive Screen Type in JavaScript

In the Category : JavaScript

Bootstrap has exposed classes to control the style for different screen types, but what about making the same decision within JavaScript... the answer is simple : Use the same classes!

Update Canvas to Latest Bootstrap Getting the Latest 'n' Greatest Enabled!

In the Category : Canvas

Here's how to Update the Canvas Source to use the latest version of Bootstrap

The setup script I use to pull data off the server Coding MobileApps through a WebApp!

In the Category : Canvas

I have written a setup script that works with the Canvas to pull the required sources & assets from the server into the Cordova folders ready for building & testing, here's how it works.