Email Validation w/ C# Regular Expressions A simple C# Email Validator that uses Regular Expressions

In the Category : C Sharp (C#)

There are 1000's of email validation Regular Expression available some more robust, or brittle depending on your views, than other. This is a very simple expression and so a good example on how to use Regular Expressions with C#.

Updated Canvas XML structure Canvas XML Structure has been changed to allow for additional meta data to be stored along with the data items.

In the Category : Canvas

Here's the C# required to convert old XML content to the new structure.

Extending the General Collective Adding Comments, Reference to the Author, Markdown and Attributes to allow for properties

In the Category : Canvas

The General Collective currently supports a large number of aspects for general web content such as posts and pages, but there's a few additions required...

Inter-Referencing of Dynamic Assemblies Adding a Reference to Another DynAss

In the Category : C Sharp (C#)

Now that Dynamic Assemblies are functioning in a very powerful way; it's time we were able to reference them from on another - Inter-Referencing DynAss!

Creating a DataServer Making Reading / Writing of DataItems efficient

In the Category : C Sharp (C#)

Creating an XML Backed DataServer to speed up writes.

How to Setup Cordova on OSX Mobile App Dev on OS X with Cordova

In the Category : CSS / LessCSS

Some notes on how to get Cordova installed & running on OSX in build iOS and Android Apps