Upgrading CygWin packages

Quick note on how to upgrade packages installed for cygwin

Today I had some trouble with the revision of git I'd install on some windows servers, here's how to update packages.

 The Package Manager apt-cyg

First of, I'm using apt-cyg - a command line package manager for cygwin; allows you to install, remove, update & search packages avalialbe for cygwin.


Unlike other package managers, it appears that apt-cyg will not update existing packages via the apt-cyg update - it just gathers the latest setup.ini file from the repo.

So the only way I could update the package was to remove & re-install the package.

Upgrading git

$ apt-cyg update
$ apt-cyg remove git
$ apt-cyg install git

That's it! Now I've got the most recent release :

$ git --version
git version 2.1.1