Dynamic Blogging Assembly ready for inclusion

A new 'Blogging' Dynamic Assembly is now available, the same assembly we're running on this site

Canvas, DynAss

After creating a basic set of blogging tools/mechs to list posts via different categories, tags types etc. I've pushed the assembly to the main repo and it can now be included into any Canvas running the latest build.

The mechanics are based around the General Collective & its Data Types WebPage, Cats, Tags etc.

The code for the blog posts has been extracted from the original WorkbenchUI Dynamic Assembly. This means it can be brought into any canvas application just like the Tagging & Categorise Assemblies can be.

There's a bunch of improvements that could be made, but it's functional and includes an RSS Feed handler that can be used.

Commenting is also included, although it's only the listing of the comments associated with the post. In order to allow people to post comments you need to import the Commenting assembly.

One of the main improvements that's required is a dedicated Author DataItem that. I want to add this to the General collective first.

The assembly can be used with multipule types of pages, allowing you to use the same mechs in different ways via based on the TYPE value of the WebPage. This TYPE defaults to "BLOG". For example the same filtering tools could be used for News, Technical Articles General Pages, or even dedicated blogs for different people on the site.

Note - The next/prev pages for the listing and the view posts needs the logic improving as it's very rudamentry!