Inter-Referencing of Dynamic Assemblies Adding a Reference to Another DynAss

In the Category : C Sharp (C#)

Now that Dynamic Assemblies are functioning in a very powerful way; it's time we were able to reference them from on another - Inter-Referencing DynAss!

Creating a DataServer Making Reading / Writing of DataItems efficient

In the Category : C Sharp (C#)

Creating an XML Backed DataServer to speed up writes.

Update Canvas to Latest Bootstrap Getting the Latest 'n' Greatest Enabled!

In the Category : Canvas

Here's how to Update the Canvas Source to use the latest version of Bootstrap

How to Setup Cordova on OSX Mobile App Dev on OS X with Cordova

In the Category : CSS / LessCSS

Some notes on how to get Cordova installed & running on OSX in build iOS and Android Apps

The setup script I use to pull data off the server Coding MobileApps through a WebApp!

In the Category : Canvas

I have written a setup script that works with the Canvas to pull the required sources & assets from the server into the Cordova folders ready for building & testing, here's how it works.

Here's some script for alfred to aid with web dev on OS X Shortcuts, Hotkeys and Lookups!

In the Category : Miscellaneous

Alfred scripts for web dev page

A List of Daily Links Links I should visit on a daily basis

In the Category : Miscellaneous

A List of dev links I need to visit on a daily basis...