Dynamic Blogging Assembly ready for inclusion A new 'Blogging' Dynamic Assembly is now available, the same assembly we're running on this site

In the Category : Canvas

After creating a basic set of blogging tools/mechs to list posts via different categories, tags types etc. I've pushed the assembly to the main repo and it can now be included into any Canvas running the latest build.

Email Validation w/ C# Regular Expressions A simple C# Email Validator that uses Regular Expressions

In the Category : C Sharp (C#)

There are 1000's of email validation Regular Expression available some more robust, or brittle depending on your views, than other. This is a very simple expression and so a good example on how to use Regular Expressions with C#.

JavaScript Test For Responsive Screen/Device Type How to check the Responsive Screen Type in JavaScript

In the Category : JavaScript

Bootstrap has exposed classes to control the style for different screen types, but what about making the same decision within JavaScript... the answer is simple : Use the same classes!

Post Meta Data Extending the Schema usage for Posts and Writing content to the Head

In the Category : Web Development

Canvas has title, canonical and description meta tags already built in but there are a number of other meta tags some useful so here's how we add them...

Updated Canvas XML structure Canvas XML Structure has been changed to allow for additional meta data to be stored along with the data items.

In the Category : Canvas

Here's the C# required to convert old XML content to the new structure.

ASP.net 4.0 & IE 11 issues A prime example of why Feature Detection should be used over Browser Detection

In the Category : Windows

Microsoft, since the dawn of .net have, been using Browser Detection in ASP.net to decide what JavaScript should be included. With the release of Internet Explorer 11 ASP.net delivers special JavaScript that intended use is for IE <7 and breaks a number of websites!

Added Comments Basic functioning commenting assembly avaliable

In the Category : Canvas

A very simple assembly has been written that allows devs to easily add comments to any DataTypes.

Added RSS Feed RSS Support has been added to this application

In the Category : Canvas

The application now renders a very simple RSS Feed of posts.

Extending the General Collective Adding Comments, Reference to the Author, Markdown and Attributes to allow for Schema.org properties

In the Category : Canvas

The General Collective currently supports a large number of aspects for general web content such as posts and pages, but there's a few additions required...

Unicode Chars Reference Some Unicode tools...

In the Category : Miscellaneous

A great reference for searching & finding Unicode Chars.