SQL Server WHERE Column Value IN Array How to pass a list of values to a Stored Procedure for use with the WHERE Column IN ( val_1, val_2, val_3)

In the Category : Server Side

Lets say you know some values that are to be used to match rows from a table and want to retrieve them all via the result of a Stored only executed once, here's how.

Cloning options for git Here's some of the available options when cloning a git repository

Some of you may, like me, in the process of learning git in earnest, ended up with HUGE repos that can take some time to clone... here's some options to help you!

Upgrading CygWin packages Quick note on how to upgrade packages installed for cygwin

Today I had some trouble with the revision of git I'd install on some windows servers, here's how to update packages.

schema.org/Products with multipule values Using rich snippets schema for Products that have differing prices based on size, color etc with a common URL

In the Category : HTML

It appears that the ontology for Product doesn't allow for a single URL/Endpoint to contain ranging prices based on differing sizes, how are we going to deal with them.

Extending HandlebarsJS Adding Logic to Handlebars, the semantic templating tool

In the Category : NodesJS

Handlebars templating language allows you to add 'helpers' that execute JavaScript during the template execution - Allows for advanced processing of the data.

Common Key Codes The event.keyCode values for common use hotkeys

Different keys have code associated with them, here's a list of the common use codes for reference.

Using Quartz .net scheduler Quartz .net scheduler example

Here's a simple example using the Quartz Scheduler within the context of a Canvas Application & Control

Create tar with certain file types Here's a simple example of how to use bash to create tar files with a given date and a sub-set of files

In the Category : Server Managment

Let's say you have a deep folder structure and you want to retain that structure but only include a certain subset of file types, how you gonna do that?

jQuery case insensitive contains The jQuery contains selector is case sensitive, here's an extension that adds insensitive contains method

In the Category : JavaScript

jQuery makes it easy to extend the jQuery $. functionality and add an Insensitive Case Contains method / Function.

How to confiure Passwordless access via SSH A quick guide on how to configure passwordless access to an ssh service, or generate your ssh keys for git.

In the Category : Miscellaneous

There can't be many developers that haven't already created keys and configured passwordless access to an SSH Service, but if you've not here's how!